“Art for Victory” is an independent, non-profit, charitable foundation and public-benefit foundation initiated by the Ukrainian and international cultural community in order to support the existence and survival of the Ukrainian cultural sector in war conditions.

The Foundation is established to provide comprehensive assistance for the preservation of the Ukrainian cultural heritage under threat of damage or destruction; to support the restoration and safety of Ukrainian cultural assets; to help cultural sector of Ukraine; to promote Ukrainian culture and arts around the world.

The Foundation is registered in the Czech Republic, Prague by joint efforts of Prevalent Fund (Czech Republic), Adamovskiy Foundation (Ukraine) and M17 Contemporary Art Center (Ukraine)


The “Art for Victory” Fund’s mission is to ensure the stable functioning of Ukrainian visual culture and art, important for the preservation of the viability and unity of the Ukrainian nation in the fight against Russian invasion


Provision of all-round assistance and support in the preservation of threatened Ukrainian cultural and artistic assets
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Support of the development and functioning of Ukrainian cultural institutions and culture in general under wartime and exile conditions.
Relocation and preservation of art objects to safety
Financial and material assistance to people in culture and the arts, who have found themselves in a difficult life or life-threatening situation
Provision of support for cultural and artistic activities worldwide, aimed to spread awareness of the Ukrainian fight for freedom and democratic values
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Arranging the sustainable development of the Ukrainian cultural sector and supporting it as an important prerequisite for the unity of the nation in the struggle for victory


Музей українських старожитностей у Чернігові

Support for Institutions

The program provides support for Ukrainian cultural institutions (museums, art centers, galleries, public collections, etc.). The funds raised are donated to the institutions in order to resume or continue their activities, interrupted by a full-scale war. These are the renewal of exhibitions, research projects, cultural events, etc. in safe places in Ukraine or abroad
The Fund offers support to Ukrainian cultural institutions disrupted in their stable functioning by Russian aggression. If you are looking for ways to partially or completely resume your institutional activities, let us know about your needs. The Fund is ready to provide financial resources for the realization of projects or their specific stages, for the purchase of critical goods, for carrying out restoration works, etc. Each application for help is considered individually
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A statue of Roman god Neptune in Lviv's Market Square

Professional support

The program is aimed at providing support for the people involved in culture and the arts (artists, curators, art managers, researchers, etc.) and their families from Ukraine, to ensure the continuity of their activity as an important prerequisite for the existence and survival of Ukrainian culture
This program provides help to people in the arts and culture to resume their activities. If you are an artist or a person of culture who has been deprived of work, the “Art for Victory” Fund offers professional help for continuing professional activities such as art creation, project realization, purchase of needed materials, etc. The Fund can also act as a mediator in the provision of evacuation assistance
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Olga Shtonda

Preservation of cultural heritage

The program aims to secure and preserve important cultural and artistic treasures (museums, public and private collections, cultural valuables, etc.) that under war conditions require protection, safe storage, evacuation, renovation, restoration, etc.
If you have information about cultural property, artistic heritage, etc. that is at risk of damage or destruction and requires protection, conservation, or evacuation, please inform the Fund team, leaving a relevant request for support
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Piotrek Piłka

Opportunities in the field of culture and arts

The program is aimed at the development and promotion of Ukrainian culture and arts by organizing and supporting events with the participation of Ukrainian and international cultural activists. We promote exhibitions, presentations, auctions, concerts, etc. both for Fund’s fundraising goals and for the professional support of the participants
The Foundation accumulates information about opportunities for cultural workers that will allow them to continue their professional development. From the news on our social networks and website, find out about the projects that are being prepared and apply for participation, or suggest your own initiatives that need funding and meet the Foundation's mission and goals
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war crimes against Ukrainian culture
destroyed objects of Ukrainian culture


1. Implementation or support of actions leading to the preservation of threatened Ukrainian cultural and artistic objects
2. Transportation of art objects to safety from places threatened or affected by war
3. Cooperation with European cultural institutions in the preservation and protection of Ukrainian culture and art.
4. Protection, conservation, and evacuation of art collections and/or holdings of cultural institutions
5. Organization of awareness-raising campaigns, cultural, social, and other events about Ukrainian art
6. Assistance in employment, research, and professional activities to Ukrainian artists and people in culture
7. Provision of financial support for art production, transportation, exhibition, presentation, and sales
8. Accumulation of all kinds of worldwide support for the maintenance of the Ukrainian cultural sector
9. Arrangement of financial aid, stipends, and other kinds of sponsorship for the Ukrainian cultural sector

Board of Directors

Jiří Fajt
Art historian of Czech origin, from 2014 to 2019 — CEO of the National Gallery in Prague, from 2019 to the present — Chairman of International Programs of the Dresden State Art Collections; curator of contemporary art exhibitions and projects at the Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau in Dresden
Konstantin Akinsha
Art critic, curator, journalist, and co-founder of the Foundation for the Study of the Avant-Garde; he was the Contributing Editor of New York ARTnews magazine and a Budapest ARTnews correspondent and also the Deputy Director of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets, Washington, DC.
Petr Pudil
Czech benefactor, philanthropist, and businessman. He is the founder of The Pudil Family Foundation, which has a large collection of Czech and international art and supports large-scale projects in the visual arts sector that combine national and world art and promote educational goals

Supervisory Board

Andrii Adamovskiy
Ukrainian philanthropist and collector of contemporary art; member of the Supervisory Board of the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery'' and the Odesa Art Museum; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of M17 Contemporary Art Center in Kyiv; founder of the Adamovskiy Foundation
František Vyskočil
Czech specialist in intellectual property law whose work is mainly focused on the visual arts and individual protection. František Vyskočil got his PhD in law in 1990. Since 2005, he has been lecturing on law at all faculties of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Maria Isserlis
Maria Isserlis
Contemporary art curator, art historian, and art critic. Exhibition director of the V-A-C Foundation in Venice in 2016-2017. Co-curator of the first and second editions of the AKI AORA research program in Tulum, Mexico. Member of the curatorial team of the museum Albertinum, Dresden

Executive Director

Natalia Shpytkovska
Executive director of the Art for Victory Fund. Director of M17 Contemporary Art Center. Curator of contemporary art, art-consultant, and art-manager. In 2021, Natalia got a PhD in cultural studies. She is a fellow at the Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

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Contribute in Another Way

If you have an opportunity to offer help of another kind (shelter, transportation assistance, jobs, support of cultural events, advertising, networking, etc.), please contact us via email support@artforvictory.cz or via direct messages on Instagram or Facebook.

Application for Help

    Fill in this application if you are a Ukrainian artist or a person in culture, a cultural institution, or anybody else, regardless of occupation, in need of help

    After applying for assistance, the fund's representatives will contact you personally via email or social media